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Eriko is a socially minded entrepreneur known for delivering data-driven innovative solutions to complex business problems.

Experience working with customers in both Japanese and English.

Strong track record of driving revenue growth and introducing products in new markets across Americas, Europe, Asia and Japan.






  • Eriko owns NPO ( and a consulting company ( Services can be provided based on clients’ demand.

  • クライアント様の要件に応じて、Binnovative (NPO) または EHLabs (コンサルティング会社)にてお手伝いさせていただくことが可能です。


Open Innovation []

  • Event organization for your company or community / オープンイノベーションイベントの主催(ハッカソン、アイデアソン、ビジネスプランコンペティション等)
  • Open innovation strategy / オープンイノベーション戦略
  • Educational seminars and lectures / レクチャー、セミナーなど

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Business Strategy Consulting []

  • Growth strategy for Small to mid-size companies / 中小企業様向け 成長戦略コンサルテーション
  • Technology-driven strategies for mid-size companies / データ分析をベースとした戦略(分析ツール導入を含む)
  • Seminars and lectures / レクチャー、セミナーなど

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Eriko is the founder and CEO of Binnovative, a organization that fosters entrepreneurship between USA and Japan. Through open innovation activities such as hackathons and business-plan competitions, Binnovative has brought together many Boston and Japan-based people together in a spirit of collaboration, to solve challenging problems faced by organizations in these countries. Eriko is also the co-founder of EHLabs, a consulting company that helps businesses maximize the utilization of their capital assets.

Prior to founding Binnovative, Eriko had her technology startup, helped post-merger integration and led innovation initiatives at large Japanese companies operating in the US.

Eriko has also led international technology projects across 14 countries, while working for companies such as Sumitomo and Apple.

Eriko is a thought leader in open innovation having spoken about it at Harvard Social Enterprise Conference(SECON)  and as a guest lecturer at various universities in the US and Japan.

Eriko holds an M.B.A. from Babson College. When she is not fearlessly leading the talented Binnovative team, Eriko enjoys Yoga and challenges her friends to badminton.

Eriko is based in Brooklyn, NY and has offices in Brooklyn and New York City.

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